Friday, May 7, 2010


I am happy to share with you, guys that our blog has moved to , please visit us there!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Destination wedding, Punta Cana, E-session of Mel and Raine

What can I say when it comes to these two beautiful people's wedding and e-session? I am simply speechless.. Melissa has found me way back last year, when we decided to put together a beautiful boudoir book for her wedding night. She is absolutely stunning, courageous and a kind hearted woman, and I am very lucky to have met her, her other half, Raine and their wonderful families! Having shot her boudoir, bringing the sexy foxy lady out of her, we just simply connected so when it came for her to ask me to shoot her destination wedding, I felt honoured and it was such a sweet treat ;-) ! We landed in Punta Cana on the last day of January, but previously we hang out at the airport for 9 hours due to a long delay....Anyways, before her big day, we shot the engagement session right down the on beach. Here is a very few of the images we took together.....Please check back, as I will post their wedding day very soon as well!